Mármoles Fernández: experts creating natural spaces in Piedra Paloma and Calatarao

Mármoles Fernández: experts creating natural spaces in Piedra Paloma and Calatarao

To state that a big company such as Mármoles Fernández has become one of the big experts in creating natural spaces with recognised materials such as Piedra Paloma is a fact that must be highlighted.

If there is something distinctive about this Andalusian company it is its two almost two centuries of history dedicated to extraction and processing of natural stone. Its history goes back to the XIX century, when its founder, D.Leandro Lomeña, started this activity in the Andalusian locality of Coín. His passion of stone has been contagious through successive generations up to today, where the fifth generation of brothers Fernández Lomeña continue with professionalism providing service to each and everyone of their clients.

With the philosophy of work well done, Mármoles Fernández continues to offer high quality service fulfilling totally the expectations and demands of the current market.

The success of this company lies in the full satisfaction of its clients and the seriousness in completing its commitments, generating, this way, total confidence.

Without doubt, the secret of success of Mármoles Fernández in the sector is also due to the first quality products with which it works. That is why major companies such as Piedra Paloma trust it with their materials, Piedra Paloma, Ambra, BK Kafe and BK Génesis, to create unique natural spaces. Examples of these are in their projects of:

  • Interior floorings, bathrooms and staircases in Piedra Paloma for a private home in the Costa de Sol.

  • Panels of BK Kafe in aged finish for the bathrooms in the hotel complex La Zagaleta.

  • Swimming pool kerbs and fountain made in Piedra Paloma for the exteriors of the real estate company Benalus.

  • Exterior flooring in Ambra for the entire exterior cladding of the Hospital Internactional HC in Marbella.

  • Flooring in Piedra Paloma in polished finish for the Villa Guadalmina Alstolfi.

  • Flooring, bathroom tops and bathing dishes in Piedra Paloma for a private home in El Ancon (Marbella).

  • Swimming pool edges in Piedra Paloma in sanded finish for a private home.

Beauty, elegance, nature, exclusiveness and doing it well, are all part of the same universe to provide solutions beyonf the established frontiers.

The experience, professional commitment, passion for natural stone and, above all, the people willing to do their very best, are the elements that form the perfect equation to respond to the increasingly demanding market.

This is how Piedra Paloma and Mármoles Fernández come together, one more year, to continue to create unique and unequalled universes.https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif

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