Piedra Paloma

Piedra Paloma

Limestone with homogeneous texture. The main mineral that composes this natural stone is the calcita, present in 99 % formed like incidental components other minerals as the oxide and the quartz.

If for something he emphasizes our piedra paloma natural stone is for its pure target and for its high resistance. Also, its neutral color gives place to multitude of combinations and styles that do of any slightly only and incomparable space.

Thanks to the versatility of works that raises this material, it is possible to bring together in any architectural style, taking it to its maximum expression.

For several decades, architects and interioristas they use piedra paloma both in interiors and in location, as well as in warm and cold climates. Its thermal and ecological qualities joined its elegance, naturalness, beauty, resistance and personality, not only have done that big marks like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren or Zenith have chosen it for the interior and exterior of its boutiques, but, also, it is present in the constructions of numerous countries like Spain, the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Morocco, Denmark, Canada, China and Russia.

Undoubtedly, alone piedra paloma, exclusive interview in the world for being the whitest well-known limestone, is capable of creating spaces naturally the only.


  • Honed,
  • Polished,
  • Brushed,
  • Rain,
  • Mist,
  • Storm

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