Piedra Paloma

Piedra Paloma

Paloma Stone
Limestone with homogeneous texture. The main mineral that makes up this natural stone is calcite, present in 99%, formed also with accessory components of other minerals such as oxide and quartz.

In any case, our Piedra Paloma natural stone stands out for its pure white and high strength. In addition, its neutral color gives rise to a multitude of combinations and styles that make unique and unequaled any space.

Thanks to the works versatility this material raises, it can be combined in any architectural style, taking it to its maximum expression.

For several decades, architects and interior designers used Piedra Paloma both indoors and outdoors, as it fits as well in hot or in cold climates. Its thermal and ecological qualities, added to its elegance, naturalness, beauty, strength and personality, made that great brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren or Zenith have chosen it for its indoor and outdoor boutiques. It is present in the constructions of many countries such as Spain, the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Morocco, Denmark, Canada, China and Russia.

Undoubtedly, only the Piedra Paloma stone, exclusive in the world because it is the whitest white limestone known, is capable of creating naturally unique spaces.


  • Honed,
  • Polished,
  • Brushed,
  • Rain,
  • Mist,
  • Storm